Abingdon & ICLEI? What’ll it be??

June 15, 2011


Dear Mayor Morgan and Vice Mayor Lowe,


Thank you for taking the time to meet with us on June 6th. For months now, we have sent you documentation that provides more than ample proof that ICLEI, the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives–is a stealth group that quietly takes a seat in local governments around the world to promote an agenda that is antithetical both to the tenets of the Declaration of Independence and Article 1 Section 10 of the Constitution of the United States, which clearly states: No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation. This is the group with whom the Town of Abingdon has been partnered since 2008.


Mayor Morgan, when Rich Macbeth, representing the 10th Amendment Foundation, again brought this to your attention, your response was that this was a matter that “could be decided by the courts”.  I must ask you, does this mean that it would take a Supreme Court ruling to verify what this precise, declarative sentence states? We feel that there is nothing ambiguous about this bedrock law that would necessitate a constitutional court’s assessment.


Again, we have no issue with establishing a recycling program and planting trees, the activities that you mention in relation to working with the Abingdon Go Green Committee. We are proponents of good stewardship of our natural resources. But again, these endeavors are not representative of the true threat that ICLEI and the United Nations Environment Programme pose to the very ideals laid out in the profoundly successful foundation our Constitution has provided. It is distressing, to say the least, to witness the oaths that you and the members of the Town Council take to protect and defend our bedrock laws be treated so cavalierly.


However, signing an agreement to lower the carbon footprint by 30% is another matter entirely. It is incomprehensible that without constituent knowledge or sanction, a commitment could be forged with an alien organization that takes no direction from voting citizens of these united states to engage in instituting an ideology as if it were an exact science with a clear imperative to save the planet. Conveniently ignored is the mountain of evidence to suggest otherwise; the Council has received a summary of the 321-page report that represents 20 times the number of dissenting scientists and climatologists who refute the United Nations International Panel on Climate Change, (see attached). Yet sweeping programs—inexplicably promoted by organizations like the Virginia Municipal League—are adopted as gospel!


 I mentioned in our meeting that the scope of the Sustainability movement represents a threat that is intent on bringing almost unimaginable, radical change to both urban and rural ways of life. HB3202 was passed in 2007, mandating Urban Development Areas in 67 counties in Virginia, of which Washington County is one. In January both the Council and the Planning Commission were given DVD’s of Virginia Campaign for Liberty’s Donna Holt power point presentation (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-jd3iDuQ7c) that clearly authenticates what these areas will become.


 I mentioned that the New River Valley and Jefferson Area Planning Districts have accepted HUD grants that will radically alter the rural landscape by establishing “Rural Sustainability Hubs”.  I encourage you to look at the attached Sustainability Plan for SWVA co-sponsored by NRVPDC to understand what their “vision” for high-density, mixed age-income level residences with  “community kitchen / garden / car wash / laundry” and a 70% mandated reduction in usage of groundwater surrounded by conservation easement will look like, a project currently underway in Floyd VA.  http://www.nrvpdc.org/GreenInfrastructure/Sustainable%20Land%20Development%20in%20Southwest%20Virginia%209-27-08.pdf  / http://vwrrc.vt.edu/pdfs/specialreports/SR-41SustainableDevelopment.pdf 


 Please do study the reference sources in Appendix A, where you will find  sources for “zero carbon footprint”, the Brundtland Commission, and of course, ICLEI.


 You have received articles by the American Policy Center’s Tom DeWeese, who has been steadily ringing this alarm bell for more than 15 years while this movement, with ICLEI at the forefront, has been growing like a cancer.


We think it is past time that this alarm is acknowledged. Awareness must be raised. And ICLEI must go.


In liberty,


Catherine Turner,  SWVA Tea Party Abingdon / Bristol

Richard Macbeth,  National Treasurer, 10th Amendment Foundation



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