This Friday, July 15th. Get the education you need—to keep your property and your personal liberty.One of the Southeast’s

 leading experts on the increasing threats to individual liberties andprivate property ownership, for almost 20 years Don

 Casey has devoted his time and energyto studying and exposing the trail from NAFTA to the Earth Summit’s Agenda 21.

 Workingwith Virginians concerned about the state mandate for Urban Development Areas and the“Rural Sustainability

 Hubs” slated for the New River Valley, he will lend his expertise on the looming challenges of “Sustainable Development”

 to those who value the right to own propertyin the Commonwealth.Join us, along with Concerned Citizens for

 Preservation of Property Rights this Friday evening at theWoodmen’s Hall, 1997 Long Crescent Drive, Bristol VA. (Exit 5,

Right turn before Shoney’s) 6:30PM. Real smoked pulled pork BBQ and all the trimmings will be served ($5 donation)

along with all the trimmings.


What is “Sustainable Development….Sustainable Agriculture?” What is the Wildlands Project? Aren’t Conservation

Easements a good thing? What is a “Foodshed”? And why does any of this concern me???

There is every reason to be concerned. Come and find out why. Sweeping changes are underway that will make privately

 owned property a thing of the past—unless WE ACT NOW.



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