NRV “Livability” HOAX

If this is the future of the New River Valley,

God help us. HUD, US DOT and EPA are coming to your town.

How? “Free” money. The $1 Million HUD grant, applied for by the New River Valley

Planning District Commission. Say goodbye to representative government and hello to “the

collective good”….courtesy of the HUD, EPA and DOT Trifecta.

Three thousand of these grants have been applied for all over the US. Three have been accepted in Virginia: Albermarle, Roanoke, and the New River Valley—Floyd, Giles, and Montgomery Counties don’t seem to have a clue about what they’ve gotten themselves into. Pulaski County–living up to its reputation for ineptitude–still hasn’t voted on joining the Livability Partnership Agreement, and now seem intent on dodging the vote. Their County Administrator signed off on the deal while at the overflow July 25th Board of Supervisors meeting, one supervisor for the second time confessed that he still couldn’t remember if they voted or not. Here’s a clue: YOU DIDN’T.

As for the rest of the NRV, we have not yet learned if Radford is clued in and on board. As for Blacksburg…

The Blacksburg City Council refused to hear a group of NRV property owners’

presentation on UDA’s  before passing ordinances to create UDA’s before the July 2012 deadline, fearing that the mandate would be lifted in the next State Legislature.

The August 11th “Livability Initiative Kick-Off Event” REPORT FROM THE FAR SIDE

Held at Claytor Lake State Park Conference Center, the event was totally controlled from the time of arrival. If  you came with someone, you were separated and seating was assigned. A minimum of two facilitators at each table of 6-8 people. Each of the questions in the survey miraculously arrived with the “consensus” response, summarized here.

Question: What is your vision for the NRV in 20 years?

“My vision is having a clean river, local food, protecting our natural resources, affordable housing, more transportation choices, and a living wage for everyone. “

One of my friends was at a table with FOUR facilitators. At my table were a social worker from Pulaski, one from Floyd, a VT employee and another Blacksburg resident who is quoted exactly in the above response. What didn’t matter to these people—most of whom were imported from “Sustainable Blacksburg”—is the concept of our UNALIENABLE RIGHTS. I felt as though I were in the company of Eco-Zombies. OF THE GOVERNMENT, BY THE GOVERNMENT AND FOR THE GOVERNMENT. Government Grants: Our new economic world order. Devalue our rural property so we can’t afford to live on it. The EPA will decide whether or not we can have a septic tank, with a minimum price tag of $20,000 (legislation already in effect) and we’ll sell each other trinkets, grow all of our own food, and pledge our allegiance to the UN.  The HUD-EPA-US DOT trifecta will make your local government as irrelevant as the US Congress is quickly becoming. We’ll be in our “Sustainability Hub” in the countryside. We’ll come to town to visit via mass transit in your Urban Development Area….

One of our people was verbally attacked and insulted by one of their “closers”, even though the first thing that everyone got was a lecture on the ground rules that included “respect differing opinions”. Spotting my supervisor at the Kick-Off Event, I asked him if they planned to vote at the August 22nd BoS meeting, since all they had was the County Administrator’s signature. “Well, we kinda just gave him our blessing…”



Another of the Pulaski supervisors in attendance responded that “It’s just a study….we’ll vote when the study is done….” REALLY? Then WHY are the Future Land Use maps already done? Have they bothered to check the 40 pages of “Mandated Outcomes” in the HUD Grant Description? Have they bothered to notice that HUD, the EPA and US DOT are partnered with ICLEI in peddling this grant to 3000 localities all over the country???

“Regional Government”  will be the yoke around the necks of free people if this insanity is permitted to continue. Non-elected bureaucrats who control the 21 Planning District Commissions in the Commonwealth of Virginia are all members of the American Planning Association and the National Association of Regional Commissions. Both the APA and NARC are partnered with ICLEI, no doubt the inspiration for the radical transformation of the New River Valley. Inside the Trojan horse of Sustainable Development are the social justice, environmental justice and redistribution of wealth schemes that will rob us of our private property and unalienable rights, if permitted to do so.

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