Abingdon: Bye Bye ICLEI!

First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then

they fight you. Then you win.


In a letter dated October 28, Abingdon Town Manager Greg Kelly informed 10th Amendment Foundation leader Rich MacBeth that the Town would not be renewing their contract with the International Council for Local Environmental Issues, ICLEI.

ICLEI changed their name to¬† “Local Governments for Sustainability—perhaps that whole “international” thing was just becoming a bit troublesome? Apparently so…..Abingdon has now joined a growing list that didn’t renew their contract.


Since WE didn’t elect them, maybe they oughta start realizing they are NOT our government.

Abingdon now joins this list:

Carroll County, Maryland

Amador County, California,

Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

Edmond, Oklahoma

Las Cruces, New Mexico

Spartanburg, South Carolina

Cleveland, Tennessee

Charlottesville, VA



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