What’s In A Hand Shake?

UPDATE, 2012: Congressman Griffith is in serious default! Griffith has ignored invitations to hear property rights experts Don Casey and Tom DeWeese, while sucking up to The Crooked Road Organization to put all of District 9 under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service: Along with Senator Mark Warner (a Progressive/Marxist with a voting record to prove it) Griffith is co-sponsoring the designation of Congressional District 9 as a National Heritage Area.

There are 49 such areas in the US and  demonstrated, documented evidence of property rights abuses. Not only that—but your local Board of Supervisors is totally circumvented in this designation. That means YOU, the voter, are completely left out of the process. WHERE IS THE CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED, without even knowledge that the abuse is taking place?

Congressman Griffith is now in serious default of the following pledge. He has not bothered to acknowledge invitations to presentations by property rights experts Don Casey and Tom DeWeese, while sending representatives to the HOAX that The Crooked Road organization is masquerading as  “public outreach”. (There were 12 public meetings. A total of 30 people was the largest group in attendance. No information was available about how this will affect land use and zoning in ALL 19 counties in District 9—-by “The Crooked Road” Management group that will work with the National Park Service in making these decisions. YES! That’s right! It won’t be YOUR ELECTED BOARD: They  are well on their way to becoming totally irrelevant. IN FACT, THEY HAVE BEEN ENTIRELY UNAWARE OF THIS DESIGNATION PROPOSAL, until our efforts to alert them!!!)


On Thursday, October 14th, 2010, Tea Party Patriot from Abingdon/Bristol, Wytheville, Galax/Fancy Gap, Wise County, Pulaski/Dublin and Jeffersonville District groups pledged to support Morgan Griffith as their 9th District candidate for Congress in acceptance of his vow…

1.  To diligently work to cut the size of government.

2.  To uphold the 10th Amendment, state’s rights and sovereignty.

3.  To defund and repeal the Health Care Bill.

4.  To promise fiscal conservatism as it applies to Article 1 Section 8 of the

Constitution by levying no new taxes.

5.  To pledge to work to secure, defend and protect our borders.

6.  To pledge to co-sponsor and support and HR 450, the  Enumerated Powers Act.

7.  To grant access for meeting with Tea Party Patriot leaders as

necessary and appropriate.

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