Tea Party Letter to Griffith

March 11, 2011

2 pages VIA FACSIMILE to: (202) 225-0076

Dear Congressman Griffith,

The Southwest Virginia Tea Party Patriots of Abingdon and Bristol held a meeting last night during which your letter addressing the national debt ceiling was read. In summary, we are not satisfied with political doublespeak and demand to know your position.

Attached is your colleagues’ letter to Speaker Boehner, Leader Cantor and Chairman Rogers from House Representatives Steve King and Michelle Bachmann. They are seeking the commitment of their fellow members to strike the $105.5 Billion theft of taxpayer money from FY11CR. Here is an excerpt of that letter:

  • We recognize the work to defund ObamaCare began with the inclusion of language in HR 1 to restrict annual appropriations from being used to implement the law. However, we recognize that even this language, if enacted, leaves on the table the $105.5 Billion in automatically appropriated funds for the law’s implementation. We cannot successfully defund ObamaCare without shutting off these automatically appropriated funds.

As Candidate Morgan Griffith the pledge that you signed along with six Tea Party representatives from all across Southwest Virginia in exchange for our support includes promising fiscal conservatism, diligently working to cut the size of government and the commitment to defund and repeal the Health Care Bill. We feel that the position you are taking on this issue as Congressman Morgan Griffith should already be decided.

We fully expect that in honoring our pledge that you will join the efforts of Bachmann and King in excoriating the egregious crime that continues to be perpetrated on our country, known as ObamaCare.

We would like your immediate reassurance that this is, in fact, the case.

In God-Not-Government-Granted Liberty,

SWVA Tea Party Patriots, Abingdon / Bristol VA

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