Griffith Protest 3/16 Abingdon/C-Burg

It wasn’t much of a honeymoon.

Protests will take place at Congressman Morgan Griffith’s offices in Abingdon and Christiansburg on Wednesday, March 16th at 12PM. Griffith’s office staff will be presented with copies of the Mutual Pledge of Support signed by Morgan Griffith and representatives of six Southwest Virginia Tea Parties along with the  King-Bachmann pledge to Congress to remediate the $105 Billion pre-appropriated ObamaCare funding buried in the Health Care Legislation as part of the March 18th Continuing Resolution.

In exchange for the support of tea parties all across Southwest Virginia, on October 14, 2010 Candidate Morgan Griffith signed a pledge to defund ObamaCare and to work diligently to restore fiscal conservatism and constitutionally limited government.  While Congressman Griffith’s March 14th statement professes repugnance for the Pelosi Congress’ penchant for “breaking the rules”—to the tune of hiding billions in pre-appropriated health care funding in the unpopular bill—his constituents of the 9th District object to the effete Republican response to the issue and Griffith’s abnegation of the promise he made to voters.

FOX Radio 910 Roanoke talk show host Marcus Wagner will join protesters in Christiansburg and videos of each demonstration will be posted on youtube.

For Immediate Release                                         Contact: Beth Breeding

March 14, 2011                                                        202-225-3861

GRIFFITH STATEMENT ON OBAMACARE AND THE CRWASHINGTON – Congressman Morgan Griffith (R-VA) issued the following statement today regarding the defunding of ObamaCare through the Continuing Resolution (CR):

“One of my first votes in the U.S. House of Representatives was to repeal ObamaCare.  While the repeal passed the House, the Senate has failed to take action.  In order for legislation to become law, it requires passage by both chambers and the President’s signature.

“I support defunding this egregious law, but using the Continuing Resolution to do so is not the proper vehicle. House rules do not allow for it. The appropriate legislative mechanism is one where mandatory spending, such as the $105.5 billion allocated for ObamaCare implementation, can be altered.

“I do not want a Nancy Pelosi style of government where we disregard the rules and run roughshod. Instead, I want a government that follows the rules, preserving the integrity of the institution. Following the rules can be frustrating at times, but it is one aspect of the 112th Congress that differs from the 111th.”


and WE want leadership that will take a

LEADERSHIP role in addressing the theft of

taxpayer BILLIONS that must be borrowed from

China to fund legislation that guarantees the

 further hobbling of our diminished economy.

But then, you guys in Congress have your built-in



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